"They say that the suffering you endure when you are younger is a way for you to pay your dues early and make room for better things in the future. Keep at it until you are calloused and bruised. Although you may be hurt and bleeding now, a better day will come. Hard work will never betray you."
Kang Gary of Leessang, Dec 2011

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Dah separuh Ramadhan.

So far it has been emotional & tiring for me. I was physically and mentally drained. Still am.

Ironically it is also the month of holiness and barokah (gituhh tiba2 semua perkataan bunyi arab hewhewhew) so it couldnt be any more perfect of a time to pray for all of the shnizits to go away. 

To pray for the good things to happen and stay.

To hope that despite of me being the ahli neraka, God will have mercy and answers my prayers.

The Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Amin Ya Rabbal Al Amin.

Lantak lah islamik habis entry ku. Alhamdulillah sisthurrrr~

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