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Monday, March 10, 2014

The Adventures of aweksakuragi #4: Escape Dungeon

Date: 9 March 2014
Time: 2:00pm
Venue: Escape Dungeon, Subang

Haa nampak tak tajuk dah tukar, dah takde dah Si Bisu macam previous adventures (#1, #2, #3). Sebab Si Bisu saya memang sibuk dengan study dan saya pula pura-pura sibuk dengan kerja so memang kami dah lama tak jumpa. Rindu plis.

Kali ni pergi dengan geng-geng ofis lama. Kami dah lama tak beraktiviti sebab mostly dorang sibuk dan susah nak kumpulkan semua geng. So kali ni since perlukan maximum of 6 participants je, maka lantak korang lah yang konon-konon sibuk sangat tu.

So apakah itu Escape Dungeon?

The LIVE Room-Escape Game 

Inspired by a popular mobile game started in Japan, Live Escape Game has taken the world by storm ever since it was made true to life. The LIVE Escape Game break through the limitations of conventional online games where within a specified time, a group of players must uncover clues hidden in the scenes and single out ways step by step, room by room to escape. Sure enough, we are big fans of Live Escape Game that is why nothing but the best could satiate our desire to Escape. Escape Dungeons are not only designed to race against time and gather clues to crack all sorts of codes in corresponding designed rooms, but also emphasize a lot on the story lines, so that you can travel through time and space to truly immerse yourself in these thrilling adventures. We know you like playing online, you’re probably quite good at it but are you game enough for LIVE Escape Games? Welcome to the Escape Dungeon.
How to Play Escape Games?

A group of 4 to 6 players will be locked up in our specially designed dungeons where you will treasure every minute and seconds to work closely with your team mates by gathering clues, cracking codes and solving mysterious puzzles in order to escape the dungeon before the time runs out. 
Who Can Play Escape Games?

Escape Dungeon is a new age entertainment experience suitable for all ages that are guaranteed to delight your senses. It is a mind blowing virtual reality adventure which is not only fun, exciting and addictive, on top of all also educational and life enriching experience. Whether it’s a group outing, team-building activities, school trip, or family day, we welcome you day and night to escape our adventurous dungeons.
source: www.escapedungeon.com 

Basically they will lock you up in a themed room, you have to find and decode the clues to escape in 45 minutes. 

Aku adalah kena maki sebab lambat haha. Actually I was on time, tapi almaklumlah SS15 tu adalah sesak macam celaka especially on weekends,  pastu ada a few jalan kena tutup due to MRT construction so tak pasal-pasal aku kena berpusing-pusing. Masa tu I was already 20 minutes late, aku dah give up dah pun siap suruh dorang carry on je. Then magically ada parking kosong muncul depan mata so I parked my car like a bawseee, pastu berlari laju-laju across the whole block ke destinasi. Literally laju-laju ok, macam kena kejar penjahat. Semua orang siap tengok apahal minah ni kena kejar ke dia yang kejar orang. Nasib baik dorang belum cancel appointment kami kalau tak sia-sia je pelarian aku huhu. Terima kasih ye Escape Dungeon.

I will not disclose the details of the game as I don't want to spoil the thrill and suspense or whatnot. All I have to say is we had a good time. Cuma it would be much better if they could add more rooms and prepare a better set up. Kalau boleh buat kat bungalow buruk ke, abandoned building ke lagi best. Kitaorang pun xpayah lah bertaruh nyawa semata-mata nak cari parking. Anyway secara keseluruhannya Nora bagi 3 bintang!! 

Dengan riaknya saya ingin maklumkan bahawa saya berjaya meng-unlock both doors muahahahahahaaa. Tak sia-sia aku obses tengok Running Man, it really helped me to differentiate the useful clues from the useless ones. See adik-adik sekelian, nak obses pun kena lah bijak ok. Akak pun suka tengok variety shows Korea, dengar lagu Korea tapi ambil pengajaran yang baik sahaja. Jangan dok kpop sana kpop sini tapi bengap. Kesian tau akak tengok. 

The Ganazzz team jyeahh!!

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