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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kittens for adoption (free)


These two female babies were rescued when they were about 1 - 2 weeks old. Now they are 6months old, dewormed, vaccinated and litter-trained.

I think they have a bit of unique look with that small face and long body. And their tails are really straight and long! They have a nice coating and I especially love Ewok's colour.

Both of them are active, playful and manja, just like normal kittens would be. But they are definitely not a loud meow-er, not noisy at all. They would be perfect for apartment/condo residence as the only mew softly or purr when they need some attention. They also like to sit/snuggle to people so they make a good lap cats.

They respond more to English at the moment. They never came if I called out their names and said "Mari sini" , but once I shouted "Come here!!"  they will come running -____-". They grew up fostered by an Australians couple so I cannot blame them for not understanding much Malay. 

I'm hoping for them both to be adopted together as they are so close and they only have each other since they were born. It would be nice if they could find a nice permanent family whom can provide them nice home and lots of love and care.

Here are the stories of their rescue:

To view more pictures, please click here

I will make the arrangement and pay for their spaying when it is of time. I'm located at Setapak, KL (Danau Kota) but I can make arrangement to send them to their new family.

Those interested please contact me at:
email: aweksakuragi@yahoo.com
twitter: @adisolikin
facebook: Adi Solikin 
or you can leave your comment  below.

Please share this and help find them a home.
Thank you.

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Lady WaiLiN said...

oii kt stapak ke...mentua aku duk tmn melawati..dkt le

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