"They say that the suffering you endure when you are younger is a way for you to pay your dues early and make room for better things in the future. Keep at it until you are calloused and bruised. Although you may be hurt and bleeding now, a better day will come. Hard work will never betray you."
Kang Gary of Leessang, Dec 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TAG: Draw and describe yourself!

Sooo Alia tagged me and almost the entire universe to do this.

So this is how I always drew me.

Actually this is how I drew people. Kepala bulat, badan petak, mata sepasang, senyum sikit.. SIAP!! Hahaha gila tak berseni. And untuk differ each character I added lah some distinctive features, like for myself I added the mole kat pipi kiri and flower on the head. Sebab saya memang ada mole sexy kat pipi kiri and bunga tu pulak sebab dulu kemaruk sangat ikat ponytail using this one elastic hairband with plastic flower attached to it.

Now dah tak pakai lagi sebab rhinestones kat tengah2 tu dah tercabut semua. Biasalah habis madu sepah dibuang.

Now terimalah gambar Cik Adi Wan Kembang versi manusia edited auwww!!


Eh the word "kembang" tu kan, dalam bahasa Jawa ialah bermaksud "bunga". So if ada orang cakap hidung kau kembang, sebenarnya dia maksudkan hidung kau ialah bunga. Mungkin juga dia maksudkan yang kau ialah cantik macam bunga. Sweet kan org Jawa? *kelip2 mata*


isabelle said...

Ye.org jawa sweet.i hv to say that bcoz about 17% of me is jawa.hoho

AdiHana said...

JYEAHH!! Haha. Ececehhhh confirm ke 17% je?

~adeQ~ said...


AdiHana said...

Jyeahh! Jempol!! Haha.

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