"They say that the suffering you endure when you are younger is a way for you to pay your dues early and make room for better things in the future. Keep at it until you are calloused and bruised. Although you may be hurt and bleeding now, a better day will come. Hard work will never betray you."
Kang Gary of Leessang, Dec 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Greetings from Thailand

Pagi tadi semua orang kecoh2 setting up Skype for a conference meeting between the boys from my department and our supplier partner from Thailand. So they were testing out the connection from the conference room and desk on my department. 

Amin (engineer dept aku, talking thru the laptop at his table):
Hello.. Can anybody hear me?

GM (from the other end at conference room):
Hello. Helloooo...

Hello.. Can hear me or not?

Ya. Sawadikappp..

Sawadikapp.. Bla bla bla *babbling something that sounds convincingly very Thai-ish*

Khap khapp..

Au au. Ka phun khappp..

Au au. Khapp.. *bebel2*

And they went on merepek2 for a good 5minutes -__-"


isabelle said...

Kap kap..ikan siakap...

AdiHana said...

hahaha.. GM saya adalah mmg lawak gila xleh blah. sakit jiwa aku tgk dia kdg2

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