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Kang Gary of Leessang, Dec 2011

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Saya ke pejabat

Saya bersantai

Night out!

Saya mengandung.Wahh tiba2 kannn..

Ok ok semua memang bukan aku. Lengan kami je yang sama besar. Body parts yang lain2 badanku adalah lebih menonjol dan mantap. Hehe. Tak kelakar la woiii!! (T__T)
Gambar semua adalah tajaan FASHION REHAB (FR).
I bought a slim fit cardigan from FR last month. Super awesome!! Plus semua orang adalah super jealous watching me donning it. Nak buat camne orang cantik pakai baju cantik memang la jadi super cantik muehehe. Ok fine saya tarik balik kata2 tu. Tapi the cardigan memang awesome!

Cardigan pujaan hati. 
Ni pun bukan Adi. Dont get all too excited now.

FR also sell awesome belts & owner FR juga adalah super friendly. Beliau siap advice lagi which belt goes with which outfit, what colour goes with your skin etc. Last time buat sales selamba je bagi discount 40%!! Murah yang amat compared to most online clothing shop.


The downside is FR is still not available at blogsphere yet so you guys have to check out all  Fashion Rehab's clothing on FB. Tapiiiiiiii ada berita baikkk!!!

Fashion Rehab is opening its showroom at City Plaza, Alor Setar Kedah very soon. Sempena the opening dan sebagai seorang manusia yang berhati mulia, tuan tanah FR telah bermurah hati menawarkan 10% discount untuk para pembeli online yang jauh dimata tapi dekat dihati. All you have to do is go to Fashion Rehab page at FB, click "Like" then place your order. Easy peasy cheeseeyyy~

Huh? 10% discount sikit sangat?? Ok kalau nak more discount you can opt for Whole Styled-Up Ensemble promo.  This one is applicable for customers with purchase of 2 or more items. Just PM the onwer for nego and further mark down!! Gila pemurah Encik FR nih weh!! Suka suka suka!!

Owh FR just updated some new stock so hurry up and go visit FR page people!!!


Cik Lurpak said...

apsal masuk blog u mesti ada malware?.. letih aa baca doa banyak2 sebelum masok tadi.. hehehehe

AdiHana said...

laaa ye ke? i dh check kt google webmaster xde pun.. ;(

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