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Kang Gary of Leessang, Dec 2011

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Are you moist enough?

YOU. Your skin. Not that choc moist cake. Shit teringin pulak nak makan kek ni.

Anyway, if you feel like you are lacking of skin moisture due to the excessive heat caused by the ever increasing global warming that nobody cares about, then Vaseline has the solution for you.

Vaseline is currently celebrating amazing skin thus they are unveiling their new Intensive Body Care Lotion range catering to different skin needs. Yes ayat super gempak sebab copy dari source tehehe~

Gambar terpaksa mintak kat Encik Google.

There are 4 variants available at stores nationwide;
  • Total Moisture (mustard) - 10x more moisturization, sesuai untuk kulit normal tapi tetap berusaha nak kekalkan kelembapan kulit supaya kekal cantik of not bertambah cantik.
  • Healthy White (pink) - helps match your body's dark skin areas to light areas, sesuai untuk MJ wannabe kulit gelap tapi berusaha untuk dapatkan kulit yang lebih cerah berseri. (Note: MJ definitely tak pakai ni untuk putih)
  • Intensive Rescue (white) - hypoallergenic and unscented for very dry skin, sesuai untuk mereka yang berkulit biawak terlalu kering dan memerlukan extra care and moisture.
  • Aloe Cool & Fresh (green) - hydrates and refreshes skin, untuk kelembapan kulit dan kesegaran berpanjangan.
Not only they moisture and hydrate your skin, these lotions also complete with skin essentials nutrients such as Vitamin A, E and minerals. 

So hurry up and grab any of these variants. If rasa semua pun cam best dan wangi rasa macam nak makan plus your different parts of body in need of different variants, then beli je semua. Tak rugi berbelanja untuk kecantikan dan kemulusan kulit. Plus dijual dengan harga mampu milik so adalah value for money. Wah wah now I can quit my current job dan pergi jadi promoter Vaseline.

Wajah gembira promoter Vaseline berjaya sedang bercuti di Redang. Cantik tak?? 

Memang tak cantik. Sebab masa tu Vaseline belum launch Intensive Body Care lotions so kulit tak dilindungi sepenuhnya. Damn.

Anyway, Vaseline is giving out invites to Celebration of Amazing Skin by Vaseline poolside party exclusively for Nuffnangers on 2nd October 2010 at Luna Bar. They are giving away prizes worth of RM 10,000 (thats 10K people!!) in form of cashes and tonnes of Vaseline products. Party yang harus dihadiri. There'll also be prizes for games and lucky draws during the party. And on top of that, female blogger with The Most Vibrant Skin will win a Coach handbag worth RM 2,000!! Sekarang dah jadi party yang wajib dihadiri.

Disebabkan only 75 best written blog posts to win a pair of invites to the poolside party, maka jika anda betul2 berminat, click here to take part. Here! Click here!! But then kalau tak minat nak pergi tapi anda join contest dan menang invites, sila serahkan pada saya. I waaannntttt!!! Muahahahahaha!! *gelak tamak*

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zaHidAh said...

ble mse plak akk jd promoter vaseline ni? Part time kt manjung ke..haha

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