"They say that the suffering you endure when you are younger is a way for you to pay your dues early and make room for better things in the future. Keep at it until you are calloused and bruised. Although you may be hurt and bleeding now, a better day will come. Hard work will never betray you."
Kang Gary of Leessang, Dec 2011

Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm soo in love..

Kenapa laaa aku ni selalu will eventually end up "berchenta" ngan this thing called kerja??

I don't even love my job, tapi aku berchenta gak ngan kerja ittew.

Selalu camni.

Hampeh tol!!


Ola said...

thats y org ckp,
im married wit my job kot..


Kay-dee said...

i wish i could love 'it'...

Cik Pika said...

elcome back Cik Adihana. :)

unlike me,mula2 je semangat kerja, lama2 mesti cam menyampah. at least u ok lg kot. hehe.

AdiHana said...

ayooo uols..
masalahnya akak ni x chenta pun kerja ku inniew.
tapi ku "berchenta" pulak ngn dia.
camno tu??

AdiHana said...

eh cik pika welkam back kat saya.
musti cik pika windu kat saya kan kan??
(matilah perasan)

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