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Kang Gary of Leessang, Dec 2011

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I was adopted?!!

I was having lunch with a fren today. We borak2 non stop as usual and then we started to talk about anak angkat.. And guess what? Aku la subject of the topicnya. Yup, not only my siblings je yang been teasing me for being different, kawan aku yang sorg ni pun sama gak. Dan ramai lagi..

Tapi being me, aku tak kesah pun. I even join memperkotak - katikkan diri sendiri. It started out as a joke, tapi lepas tu karutan kami berkembang menjadi sebuah cerita telenovela yang hebat. Kitaorg siap made up all the dialogs and the storylines of how I was being adopted and how I found out that I was adopted. Imaginasi tak hengat!!!

Then he asked me; "Apa perasaan u kalau betul u ni anak angkat?"
I told him that I don't really care. He was quite surprise. He said "Takkan u tak kisah langsung?"

I mean, given my circumstances, I don't see why I should be upset or sad or angry if ever my family told me that I'm adopted. I mean, it's not like my "foster" family don't love me. They really took a good care of me. And sometimes, my "foster" parents spoiled more than my other "foster" siblings. Even my "foster" siblings pun spoiled me, including the younger ones (yelah sebab aku adopted kot hehe). And I couldn't ask for any better "foster" grandparents.. Tapi lain la kalau my "foster" family ni dera aku ke, buli aku ke.. bleh la aku larikkkk!!

Tapi kan, kalau la aku nak sedih pun, maybe aku akan bersedih dgn kenyataan yang adik beradik aku skang ni are not my biological siblings. I'll be like "Alaaa dorg bukan my real siblings ke... *nanges*" Haha..

Dan seperti biasa, dia akan jawab "Freak!!" sambil gelakkan aku cam nak mati...

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